Fabric Haul from Montreal

A recent weekend get-a-way to Montreal had an unexpected side benefit, fabric shopping! I had no idea what Montreal had to offer before we booked the trip, honest. Of course I started researching, after all Toronto has some pretty great fabric stores, so maybe Montreal had a few. Doesn’t everyone check for fabric stores when they travel?

Montreal is a lovely city, it was like a trip to Europe, without the jet lag. Our first day was spent wandering, but the next morning my husband found a bench and a book, while I visited the McCord Museum’s Grace Kelly exhibit. The traveling display was curated by the Victoria & Albert Museum, and features some her most significant fashion pieces. Anyone who enjoys vintage fashion would love this exhibit. Her style was so feminine and pretty.

100_0231Seeing the beautiful clothes was certainly inspiration for the next morning’s excursion to the fabric stores of rue Saint-Hubert.

I had a list of stores found on various web sites and blogs (which had very mixed reviews) and the hotel concierge provided great directions for the subway stations, but I really didn’t know what to expect. Having limited time and suitcase space was probably a good thing, as there are so many fabric stores concentrated in just a few blocks.

First up was Goodman-Carlyle, 7193 rue Saint-Hubert100_0238Jammed to the hilt with fabrics, it’s was almost visually overwhelming to the fabric store deprived eye. I relied on gut reaction and purchased two pieces. The first, a coat weight wool, which could make a great vintage style jacket.

101_0427101_0428The second, a wool brocade I used for the Sew Weekly Reunion Pantone Challenge.

Being selective and judging a book by it’s cover, onto the next store. C & M Textiles actually has a web site and is a little more modern looking.  The ladies there were so nice and enjoyed chatting about what they sewed in their younger days. Net result, impulse purchase of 3 fabrics, two are polka dot, a navy and pink synthetic and a red and white cotton. Both will likely end up as dresses. I’m a little worried about comparisons to Minnie Mouse, but we’ll see.

101_0431101_0434101_0432The third is a pink wool/acrylic blend boucle, which is destined to be a jacket and will coordinate with some fabric I bought in Toronto the previous summer.

At this point, the size of my suitcase was a concern, but through an open door I spot one last fabric I had to have. It was at Sam’s Textiles, 7195 rue Saint Hubert.

100_0239101_0429The pink, ivory and gold brocade was beckoning me to buy just enough for a sleeveless sheath and I was done. I couldn’t carry anymore.

The next day I had to go to one last place I found online. Rix Rax, in another part of the city, is the cutest little store filled with buttons, buckles, laces, trims and silk flowers. It was a little hard to find, no concierge that morning to help me navigate the subway exits. The choices were overwhelming.  If I ever visit there again, I’ll go with a list.


3 thoughts on “Fabric Haul from Montreal

    • I read about St-Laurent and Chabanel, it sounded amazing. I had very little time for shopping on this trip, maybe if I get back there sometime. Any specific recommendations?

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