Random Inspiration and Dumb Luck

Like most sewers, I’m always seeking inspiration. Pinterest can consume endless time, but it is so much better than any physical file system, the pictures can’t get lost. I love all the decorated dress forms on Pinterest and managed to quickly put one together for Christmas.

IMG_0510Since it was a wire dress form, it was easy to attach the cedar branches to the form with florist wire. The ones I saw on Pinterest had natural burlap for the bodice for a more rustic look.

Christmas 2012 I wanted to make some fun fur infinity scarves as gifts. I experimented with a couple of the fake furs available, but it seemed too stiff. While running into TJ Maxx for gloves, I noticed some very soft fake fur throws.  They were the perfect weight and softness for the scarves and more cost effective too. I could make 3 to 4 scarves out of each throw and they wash beautifully. I ended up making 20!

IMG_0515Some gifts I made for Christmas 2013 were from leather I found in the summer at the Scrapbox in Ann Arbor, MI. The Scrapbox sells donated, recycled materials. It’s a favorite resource for many local teachers and scout leaders. I stopped by to pick up materials for a project at work and stumbled upon their big annual sale. Leather was not on my list for the work project, but I couldn’t pass up adding some leather to my sewing stash, right? I suspect it was donated by one of the automotive seat manufacturers.

IMG_0505I was short on time this year, so I had to keep it simple, thus zippered pouches. The blue lace was a scrap I had from a lace top I made, the others were purchased in small amounts for this project. The brown turned out to be a perfect match and created an embossed look.

It’s fun to give unique gifts, but the pressure is on.  What am I going to do for next Christmas?

3 thoughts on “Random Inspiration and Dumb Luck

    • Thanks, it helps that those I gift to do not sew. They have no idea how easy it is to sew in straight lines. 🙂

      On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 4:08 AM, sewing forward

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