The Detroit Prom Dress

The North American International Auto Show Charity Preview is the real name of the event, but locals refer to it as the “Detroit Prom.” As proms go, it’s a bit large. Attendance was reported as 13, 791 with $4.8 million raised for local children’s charities, so it’s a pretty big night here. The city is all sparkles, tuxes and limos and it is a night of amazing people watching.

Since I joined the Ready to Wear Fast started by Sarah of Goodbye Valentino, of course I had to make my dress and it is my first make of 2014.

rtw-fast-badgeThis is a dress I have been thinking about for a long time, collecting a lot of inspiration on Pinterest. The design really didn’t come together until late December, no pressure there.

lace and patternsI decided on midnight blue, combined two Vogue patterns to get the look I wanted and found the lace and stretch silk for the under dress at Haberman Fabrics. I already had a silk lining fabric in my stash.

IMG_0536The stretch silk was lovely to sew. I was able to skip the boning in the bodice, since the underdress would be attached to the outer. The outer dress is 5 yards of silk organza I ordered from Mood. With all the bad weather, it was slightly delayed, but once it arrived we had 2 snow days and I had more time to work on it. Yeah for snow days!


With the exception of the hem, the machine sewing was done. I have a new found respect for anyone who does custom gowns or wedding dresses, dealing with that much fabric is a real challenge. The addition of the lace and Swarovski crystals on the bodice was done by hand.

DSC_0018I overlapped the lace a little in the back and added a covered snap I found in my button stash.


I loved wearing this dress, it almost floats as it moves. auto show dressAs  usually I didn’t get many photos wearing it, just a couple of IPhone shots. That should change from here on, I bought a new camera today with a remote.

auto show 3andiamosIt was a fun night, very Brat Pack in feel, with the gowns and tuxes. Unfortunately, at the end of the night, going up the steps of our front porch, this happened.

DSC_0003It had snowed while we were out and I slipped and stepped on the dress. Anyone with advice on repairing silk organza?

13 thoughts on “The Detroit Prom Dress

  1. Oh goodness. Your dress is stunning and congratulations for participating in such a successful fundraiser! What a bummer to rip your gorgeous gown. I’m sorry I don’t have advice on how to repair the rip but I bet some helpful advice will come your way. Again – the dress is just lovely!

  2. Oh no, your gorgeous dress looked stunning on you and what a brilliant fund raiser. Unfortunately I don’t have any ideas either of how to repair the tear, only with some very delicate stitching, but then I think that will show through!

    • Thank you, another sewer on Facebook suggested creating a design element with smaller pieces of lace around the skirt, with one strategically over the tear. I may try that.

  3. Such a stunning dress. You look beautiful in it. Sorry, but I too have no brilliant ideas for repairing the rip, except by doing so with tiny stitches.

    • Thanks, that’s a great idea. The tear is low enough, cocktail length would work. It’s been hanging in my sewing room for months now. I keep finding excuses not to tackle the repair.

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