Inspiring Flower Power Pumps

The theme for Project Sewn this week was If the Shoe Fits, creating an outfit inspired by a favorite pair of shoes. I already had this one done.

I have a serious love of shoes. It all goes back to high school and my very first job, in a shoe store. Too bad I didn’t hang on to some of my past favorites.

My current favorite pair of shoes are my flowered fabric pumps, with the hot pink heels. I find flowered shoes hard to resist, and I love wearing this pair.

DSC_0146I also have a thing for polka dots and was trying to find a pink fabric when I came across the orange cotton. The skirt is just a simple, gathered basic dirndl with a waist band.  No patterned required, just two rectangles, pockets, zipper and waist band. I did a lining in white to make sure it wasn’t too sheer. This style of skirt was one of the first things my mother taught me to make. We used to call them broomstick skirts and you were supposed to wrap them, wet, around a broomstick to create pleats, but we always skipped that part.

Did I mention I love the shoes.DSC_0125They’re happy shoes. Maybe a little too colorful for Michigan right now, but the colors are a little brighter in the South Carolina sunshine.

DSC_0128By the time this is posted, I’ll be back in snowy Michigan, remembering the few warm days of vacation and looking forward to spring so I can wear my floral pumps again.


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