Kenneth King Workshop

So the Kenneth King Workshop happened a couple of weeks ago and I was so inspired, I wanted to write about it as soon as I got home. My computer had other plans.

After trying a number of websites to get videos of The Great British Sewing Bee, my computer had a serious case of Malware-itis. I am very grateful to the I.T. department at work who helped me figure out the problem and download Malwarebytes, because malware really bites!

My computer is all cleaned up and I will resist the urge to try and watch TGBSB on anything but Youtube, which means I may have a long wait.

Anyway, back to Kenneth King.


There was actually a series of 3 workshops, at Haberman Fabrics but I could only make the one on Saturday. I regret missing the Friday evening, as he talked about creativity and inspiration. I understand he didn’t give away any details of how he made some of his jackets, but they were pretty amazing looking.

The workshop I attended on Saturday was all about tailoring and focused on jacket details, primarily lapels, something I don’t do well. He referenced a Threads article he wrote in issue 124, January 2011, plus he had handouts for our note taking AND he encouraged taking photos. The iphones were out in force.
Since he teaches at FIT, as well as all the workshops all over the country, he knows the subject through and through and has time to embellish his presentation with lots of humor and personal stories. IMG_0164
We had tips on pressing and irons. He’s recommendation was the Reliable brand, not the Rowenta he was using for the workshop.
He can make a jacket in a day, and his speed was amazing.
We had a quick lesson on drafting sleeves. Now I know how to adjust the sleeve when I raise the armscye.
There were fashion students from 2 colleges attending, who were very exited about how much they learned. It was fun to spend the day with so many people who love to sew. I sat next to Linda Reynolds a sewing teacher who will be teaching a Burda seminar and is a blogger for Craftsy. When lunch was served we met a retired Home Ec teacher who taught at the high school my kids attended. At dinner I sat with a grandmother and granddaughter who had attended together, it was so sweet to see how they had a common bond with their love of sewing.

And of course, we did a little shopping. I’m planning a couple of casual summer skirts.

On my cutting table now…I’m one of the testers for a casual knit dress pattern and found a great border print, watch for it on Pattern Review.

3 thoughts on “Kenneth King Workshop

  1. Loved reading your review and it sounds like a fabulous day. I also was frustrated trying to watch the British sewing bee and got nowhere on utube and probably found all the same bad links you did. I persevered and found the solution. I subscribed to Tunnel Bear ( you can pay for just 1 month which is $2.99) and allows you to create a virtual private network (VPN). This masks your computer from sites that don’t allow you to connect from outside the host country. I was able to watch all the episodes. I don’t know if they are still available on the British network. Thanks for following me on cloningcouture. I also love what you did with the border print; very creative.

    • Thanks for the kind words and the information. Maybe this summer I have some time off and can binge watch all the shows. I was hoping they would sell the season dvds. First I need to finish the Suzy Furrer classes on Craftsy, great use of the moulage on your dress form.

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