Going Global for Project Sewn

Round three of Project Sewn has us searching the globe for inspiration. Mine was found in 30 year old photos from a trip to the Dominican Republic.

_Caso de Campo 3

Although the photos have faded, I remember lots of white flowers and bright colors in the golf resort, decorated by Dominican native, Oscar de la Renta. I just wish I still had the lace skirt I made to wear on the trip.

Searching the Mood Fabrics web site, I came across an Oscar de la Renta, red and white flower twill, reminding me of the Dominican white flowers and bright colors.


I had ordered a few dress patterns from Vogue Patterns and thought the Very Easy Vogue 8996 would be a good match for the fabric.


Raising the neckline to make it more work friendly, I can wear it often and will always think of the white flowers of the Dominican Republic.


The breeze on the golf course shows my hem facing.



I added lace to the lining to make it look like a slip and add some fullness at the hem.


Although the pattern did not show petite adjustments, I was able to shorten the bodice and lower the front darts.


The pattern has the pockets in the seams of the center front panel, but I moved them to the side seams.


It is a bright an cheery dress and an easy thrown it on and you’re dressed for summer outfit.


When I wore it to meet my husband for lunch at a golf outing, I was concerned it was too bright. The concern was unfounded. Have you seen the colors some of the golfers wear? Yikes, there is no missing them on the golf course.


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