Fast Cars, Fast Dress

The best thing about using a pattern for the second time is skipping the fitting, it’s just cut, sew, wear. Using a pattern that is a fast sew to start with, Pattern Review’s Winter Street Dress, for a second time and you have Formula One speed sewing and a comfy, casual dress to wear to the Detroit Grand Prix.


I found a botanical print knit too pretty to resist at Haberman Fabrics. It was slightly sheer and had a very soft drape, so I underlined it with a solid knit similar in weight.



To help stabilize all the bodice seams I used Emma Sebrooke Fusible Stay Tape, almost everywhere. Better safe than sorry. I love this stuff.


It’s finally warm here, so this was could be a sleeveless version, with narrow bindings to finish the neckline and armholes.



The pattern has a tulip skirt, but the fabric had such a soft drape, I changed it to an A-line and added some length.


This is such a comfortable, soft dress, it’s like wearing a nightgown.


The pleats in front and back add to the comfort.


Cutting two layers took some time, but the dress can be made in an afternoon.


As for the race, it was a lot of fun. There was a crazy jumping truck race before the main event.


My husband was given VIP tickets from a vendor. Yeah, right, everyone is a VIP.


Ok, I was skeptical about what VIP meant, but it turned out we had great seats in a covered , up close to the action spot with food included and best of all, nice restrooms.


And it really was VIP. The man standing in the photo above is my husband, the woman sitting to his left is the CEO of General Motors. Next time I will not doubt him.

My face was still red and a little swollen from a skin treatment, so I spent the day hiding behind my sunglasses and hat.


6 thoughts on “Fast Cars, Fast Dress

  1. Thanks, but i had to laugh. We are not any type of VIPs, which is why I was skeptical about the tickets really being in a VIP area. I just wore the dress to work yesterday, it’s so comfy.

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