Skirting the Issue

Summer sewing has kept me busy, but it is so easy to procrastinate when it comes to blogging. The opportunity to do some unselfish sewing is the motivation to get back to the blog, passing along the information on a sweet project. Project Sewn’s Skirting the Issue collects handmade skirts to provide to girls in foster care, as they head back to school in the fall. This project tugged at my heart strings, reminding me how much I loved new school clothes, in particularly skirts and dresses. Remember how special you felt in the skirts that made you want to twirl in circles?


I didn’t have much in my stash that was little girl friendly, only this polka dot and floral that I always thought would combine well. Earlier this summer I made a skirt from the dot and a skirt from the floral. Now a little girl will have a skirt in the combination of the two.


This butterfly print cotton may not be too fall like, but it was too cute to resist.


And butterfly buttons!


This was the softest pinwale corduroy. I can still remember corduroy dresses my mother made for me and my sister, they were so soft to the touch.


Maybe I remember this dress so well because as the younger sister, I wore mine, then as we grew, I wore my sister’s.

I loved embellishing and may have gotten carried away with the ribbon and ruffles.  I hope these skirts can bring a smile to the girls who receive them. Selecting the patterns, fabric and embellishment and the time sewing was a more meaningful experience then writing a check. I even made up a couple of the designs.


I added one last detail to the inside.

I hope anyone who has the time can create a skirt for Project Sewn and drop me line with any similar projects.


11 thoughts on “Skirting the Issue

  1. What a lovely idea! Someone will be very happy! I love the photo of you and your sister. Guess what….my sister and I also wore identical clothes!!!! I will have to get a photo in a post sometime! Haha

  2. I would like to send some skirts to Project Sew, but can’t find an address.
    Thanks for any help,
    Spanky Rykiel

    • Here’s what was posted on the Simple Simon website:
      What If I Would Rather Just Mail You My Items?

      That is great too. At the end of Skirting the Issue we will be taking all our items plus those mailed to us to our local Foster Care Agencies. And we promise that anything you mail to us will be delivered to those who need and will appreciate them. (Last year quite a few of you mailed us your skirts and that was wonderful to be able to take those boxes of skirts into the foster care office!)

      What Is The Address If I Choose To Mail In My Item/Items?

      We have set up a post office box for this event. And the address is:

      PO BOX 753, Lehi, Utah 84045

  3. These skirts are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for sewing along with us. I know that the girls who will receive these will feel so special. And my favorite part are the heart tags you sewed inside. Thank you so much!-liZ

  4. These skirts are beautiful! I know that the girls who get these skirts will be so happy. They are wonderful…each one is so cute. And my favorite part is the heart tags sewn into each one. Such a thoughtful touch. Thank you so much for sewing along with us.

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