Ode to the Bias Cut Collar

It’s beautiful drape, the feminine touch it brings to a garment, the encouragement it gives to elongate the neck and stand with grace. Could these be the reasons so many bias cut collared garments are posted in my Pinterest boards?

What ever it is, I had to make a bias cut collared dress to get over this craving. I had picked up Vogue 8998 during a previous pattern sale, just because I liked it and maybe, unconsciously, because version D has a bias cut collar.

vogue 8998_front

I found a poly blend flower print, with a nice drape on a shopping binge at Haberman Fabrics.


Since the bodice is close fitting I did a muslin, needing my usual petite adjustments, shorting the length from top of shoulder to underarm. I love the options for the cup sizes, it makes fitting the bust so much easier.  A mash up of sizes 8-10-12 with a C cup works for fit.

The back neckline felt a little low for a work dress, so I raise it about 1 1/2 inches.


The drape of the fabric was perfect for the collar.


To give the bodice more body, I lined it with a crisper cotton/poly blend. The lining is sewn in before the collar is attached and the inside of the collar is sewn by hand, which I really like. I find hand work relaxing.


The waist band allowed for more fit tweaking.


The skirt is flat in the very front and gathered on the sides.


Two inch horse hair braid helps give the hem more body.


I used wide bias tape to cover the picky horse hair,  since I was a little short on length.



It has side seam pockets too!


My first bias cut collar dress is done,  the second one, almost done, will be a front tie, bias cut collar. The ode continues.

13 thoughts on “Ode to the Bias Cut Collar

    • Thanks. I tried to comment on how much I liked your polka dot pants, but couldn’t get the comment to enter. The fit is just amazing and I love the polka dots.

      • Thanks! I had a look into it and I hadn’t done anything I know of to stop them! They just keep defaulting to no comments! I am really happy with them too. Not bad for first pair of trousers !

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