Ode to Bias Cut Collar II – Frankenpattern Edition

The term “Frankenpattern” pops up in many sewing blogs and it’s so appropriate.  We take parts from different sources and literally stitch them together. Hopefully we get the desired result and don’t scare anyone along the way.

My borderline obsession with the bias cut collar continued with a reversed collarish tie, using a combination of Vogue 8998 and a TNT Vogue 8413.

vogue 8998_frontv8413 (1)

The collar is from 8998, but lengthened and turned backwards and the skirt is from 8413. The bodice is a combination of the two, creating new pattern pieces by laying 8998 over 8413 to get the right shape and length.


The fabric was a piece in my stash of forgotten origin and content, but likely a rayon blend. It washed well, and I was careful with the iron.

I will admit to sort of winging it on the length of the collar/tie, making one side longer than other to make sure the ends were different lengths when ties


It makes for a good basic work dress, comfortable and professional looking. Sort of a good stuck-at-the-desk-all-day look.


I think I have played out the bias cut collar, at least for the time being. I have a couple more summer dresses in the works and my head is full of ideas for fall. If I could just get away from my desk.



10 thoughts on “Ode to Bias Cut Collar II – Frankenpattern Edition

  1. Very timeless and flattering style and it looks great on you. Great job combining patterns. Sometimes Frankenpatterning doesn’t work well but you did a wonderful job of blending the two styles.

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