The First Dress of Fall

Labor Day weekend is considered the unofficial end of summer and  the 3 day weekend was hot, muggy and rainy, perfect sewing weather.  Exchanging ideas and sharing projects with all the lovely ladies involved with the Ready to Wear Fast has been motivation to get a jump on fall sewing.

When I bought this piece of fabric at Textile Fabrics in Nashville I was thinking sheath.


It’s a poly blend and a little stiff, with a slightly rough texture, even after washing. With a little creative piecing in the skirt, and using my favorite Frankenpattern bodice, there was enough fabric for a fit and flair dress.


The bodice combines the neckline of Vogue 8849 with the lower bodice of Vogue 8766. It may be the 4th or 5th time I’ve used this bodice combination. The sleeve used is from 8849.

For fall sewing, my mantra is New Techniques, Special Details. The new technique to try for this project was stay stitching the neck line with organza selvage. Getting necklines to lay flat has been a problem for me. Some techniques I have tried include using fusable stay tape, making the neck  facing slightly smaller,  being really careful with stay stitching and of course, always understitching , but I was still seeing a slight roll. The organza idea was something I saw other sewer/bloggers doing, sorry I don’t recall the specific posts. I really should write those things down, so credit can be given.


After stitching on the organza I decided to make a slight change the neckline and added some fusable stay tape where it would need to be clipped.


I thought the organza would be too stiff for turning the curve and this fabric frayed like crazy.


The neck line seems to be laying flat, without rolling and has a nice crisp edge. The curved corners became the special details. Since it is a big print, the details needed to be subtle.  I also added the curved corners to the sleeves and pockets.


The skirt was self drafted and the pockets are a result of being a little shy on fabric and needing to piece side panels. I’d love to hear other creative solutions for not having quite enough fabric.


I suspect only my fellow sewers would recognize the creative problem solving.


The rain let up long enough to snap a few photos, but the hot muggy air and tights are not the best combination.


It may be a few weeks before this dress goes to work. This is the earliest I have ever started sewing for fall, it usually takes a cold snap to motivate me. Thank you to all for the boost. Happy National Sewing Month.

10 thoughts on “The First Dress of Fall

  1. Wow!! You’ve got a gorgeous dress here, and your work on those details is amazing. Everything looks so purposeful, and you’d never know that you had to improvise. Sending good vibes for a cold front so you can wear this one ASAP!

  2. Love this dress on you and great solution for not quite enough fabric. The details make it. I did a muslin of Vogue 8991 and it fits great but I changed the sleeves. Give it a try.

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